In partnership with the State, the NUNA team has been working in the field of radical risk prevention since 2016. radicalités à risques depuis 2016.

  • Individual and family support in prevention of the radicalization of young people.
  • Awareness of the phenomenon of radicalization among professionals and educational teams.
  • Research - actions and innovative clinical devices.


With children, teenagers, adults, couples, families.

The tools of classical psychology - individual interviews, psychological assessments, couple and family therapy, intercultural consultations - are combined with approaches more recently mobilized in France (mediation, ICV, meditation & mindfulness).

The meetings take place at the Centre d'Arts Holistiques on Monday and Friday between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.



Our team is trained in the care of victims in emergency and post-emergency, and post-traumatic stress states.



Our clinical thinking is based on various fields:

Intercultural psychology, systemism, couple and family therapy, ICV (Life Cycle Integration), dance and choreography, child and adolescent psychopathology, mediation, psychoanalysis, ethnopsychiatry, psychotraumatology, neurosciences, political psychology, meditation and mindfulness, clinical psychosociology.



We believe in liberty: to be, to love, to circulate, to consciousness.

We develop courage: to explore the multiple dimensions of Self, to go beyond the conditioning and fears, to go to the Other, to transform situations and relationships, to heal.

We practice trust: in the expertise of the people on their own situation and in the intelligence of the systems.

We adapt with discernment and humility the language, the methods, the tools, case-by-case approaches



We are a group of of psychologists 

based in Paris and specialist in contemporary identity processes.


We operate in French, English, Spanish and Tamil.


Nuna, in Quechua language, designate the conscience, the soul, the spirit.



Janani Jeganathan
Janani Jeganathan
Clinical psychologist for adolescent and adult children. His specialties are essentially the inter and cross-cultural clinic, cultural and family mediation under the mandate of the children's judge and the treatment of psychotrauma.
Nadia Essaadi
Nadia Essaadi
Psychologue clinicienne auprès d'enfants, d'adolescents et leurs familles. Son parcours conjugue psychanalyse et anthropologie, avec une approche psychocorporelle des conduites alimentaires, des conduites à risque et du trauma. Elle met en place des dispositifs de médiation artistique.
Parwa Mounoussamy
Parwa Mounoussamy
Clinical psychologist and mediator, engaged in the French intercultural sphere since 2003. Today she regularly intervenes in situations that combine high identity diversity and mental suffering, going as far as psychotrauma and the emergency situation. She practices ICV. Founder and director of Nuna.
Barbara Hommet
Barbara Hommet
Psychologist and Family Therapist, his professional practice is part of the medico-social sector in connection with Child Protection. The child and the adolescent being at the heart of his concerns, his interventions are focused on dysfunctions and relational disorders within the family system, with a systemic approach.